Why you should buy Apad eP07 Android Tablet?

Apple started the tablet rush with its iOS based iPad and Apad joins the race. The rest of the companies are what followed it. Before the iPad was released, the tablets were dying between the smart phones and the laptops. With Apple spearheading a new revolution in the tablet market, many companies seem to have found it successful. The main reason for the availability of so many tablets is the Android. The open source OS is compatible with the tablets and with high specifications, it is able to provide competition for the iOS. The main reason that the tablet industry is taking off is because of the availability of cheap tablets.The Apad eP07 is one among those tablets that combines the high end features of a tablet with the low price of the mobile phones. Numerous features are integrated into this 7″inch tablet that runs on a little outdated version of the Android which is Android 1.6(Donut). The 7″inch screen has a resolution of 800*480 pixels that provides a simply superb experience for the multimedia fans.

 Apad eP07 Specifications


The specifications of this reasonable tablet match those of the best in the business. The following specifications can help provide a over view of its capabilities-



Android OS (1.6 Donut)

 Full Size Touch

 E-Book Reader

 Document Processor

 Google Chrome Browser

 MW8505 533MHz Processor

 Built in Stereo Speakers for Stereo sound


 Wi-Fi compatibility

 1TF Card Port

 2GB Inbuilt Memory

 256MB RAM

 1800 mAh Battery

 Apad eP07 Features


 The one reason that it tempts the people to buy it is its price. Though it has the features of an entry range tablet, it is priced quite low and it is available for $99 for which it is tough to get an accessory for the iPad. It has a Google Chrome browser that provides browsing at lightning speeds. With the big 7″inch display, viewing videos becomes absolute fun and it is sure to be an excellent E-Reader because of its vivid colors on the display. There are various other software features that makes this tablet an desirable one like the one click YouTube access. The one surprising news for media lovers is that this tablet even supports .mkv files which even the iPad does not. The Apad eP07 will be quite an extraordinary Digital Assistant.


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