Week 14

I got to take care of a coworker’s son last Saturday. He is 10 months (soooo sweet at this age!!!). It gave me a bit of confidence in my ability to care for a baby. Although this was no normal 10 month old. He didn’t cry or whine for even a minute the whole time. It bordered on bizarre how well behaved he was. When his parents came to pick him up, I said, “You people are totally spoiled; this isn’t a baby, he is a little doll that tee-tees.”

 With my genes in you, there is no way we will be so lucky – you will behave like spawn of Satan, I’m sure. After what I put my Mom through during my teenage years, fate calls for a balance. Paybacks are hell. Of course I already think everything you do is cute. I think it’s cute when you swim around my belly and wake me up in the morning – makes me smile. Even if you set the curtains on fire, I’ll be thinking how smart you were to have figured out matches :o)


Well, I have foiled my own plans of painting a custom border in your room. It would have been really cute. The design I created is much too intricate to stencil, (I tested it). It is similar to the way I decorated this web site – bright spirals, stars, moons that match the bedding I am planning to buy. So I started looking at wallpaper. New problem – found a paper I love with yellow moons, stars and a blue background but I am hesitant to jump in until I know whether you are a boy or girl. It doesn’t scream BOY or anything, but I think I would pick something softer if I knew for sure you were a girl. On that note, I have to apologize for referring to you as “he” if you’re a girl. Granny has verbalized her ever accurate intuition on the subject and she thinks you’re a boy. Actually, now that I think about it, everyone thinks you’re a boy (I have no idea why they are so sure). I just think our family is historically short on boys and it’s time we had some. It would be really funny if you were a girl and proved everyone wrong.


I am having a hard time fitting into my pants now. The top buttons of everything – even my “fat”clothes are too tight. Also I have to leave the bottom 2 buttons on my dress shirts undone. I bought some maternity jeans and they feel like they may fall off at any moment because the belly is so big. They have a drawstring at the top but I can’t tie it because I almost peed myself trying to get the knot undone the last time I wore them. I am sort of in that ickie stage where my belly bulges, but not quite in an obviously pregnant way yet.


I’m sort of disappointed that I am not going to get to see you on ultrasound this month. Then again, next month your little cha-cha or wee-wee (love those scientific terms) will be more developed and we will know your gender. I’m so excited. Time has just come to a dead ass halt since I’ve gotten pregnant!!! It’s a good kind of agony though.


According to BabyCenter, you are now 3 to 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weigh about an ounce – about half a banana. Your unique fingerprints are already in place. And when I poke my stomach gently and you feel it, you will start rooting – that is, act as if you’re searching for a nipple. You are really starting to look like a REAL baby now.

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