Story on Self Defense

 The Israeli military has been using it for years. Now, the FBI and law enforcement are learning it. It’s a rough and tumble self-defense class that really works on the streets. In the Fox Files, how Self Defense is keeping Americans safe.

 Learning to kick, how to punch, even how to take away a gun from an attacker. It’s called Self Defense. It means ‘contact combat’. “We fight until we are safe. That’s the scenario.” And that scenario is attracting a lot of attention, from Hollywood stars like J Lo to everyday women like Kim Metivier. They’re hooked on what’s billed as a real-life self-defense technique; one that’s quick to learn and effective. “I feel so much more confident.” Kim Metivia is a fitness instructor. Already in great shape, she is hooked on krav because she now feels like she can hold her own. “The thing that you learn even in a starting class are so immediately applicable to situations we find ourselves in.”

 This fighting technique is straight from the streets; developed by a Holocaust survivor and fine tuned by the Israeli military. So just how quickly can you learn Self Defense? First you wrap up. Then warm up with push-ups and sit-ups. Then, get started. “Elbows in. There you go. Good.” Krav teaches you how to react on impulse. “Don’t think, you just do. By instinct, people will do it.” And people love it! “It’s not pretty. It’s not big, grand movements. It’s just very straight forward and very effective. It’s realistic.” And for women, krav can give them the confidence to feel safe. “Absolutely. Yes, that was my number one reason why I came here.” Now Giselle comes 6 days a week because she loves the class.


The class is definitely fun. It’s fast paced and you can pick up some basic moves pretty quickly. Krav is self-defense in it’s most basic form. And that’s the idea. “Even if you only take it for a month, you learn a little and get the self-confidence if you never had to get yourself out of a sticky situation.” And it’s the everyday situations krav teaches you to react to. “You’re in a bar room, you’re in a picnic, you’re in an alley, you’re getting into your own car with keys.” As you advance, so do the techniques… Like how to disarm someone with a gun, or a guy with a knife. Bottom line: Self Defense teaches you how to fend for yourself in the real world. “Gender doesn’t matter. Age doesn’t matter. Your stature or size doesn’t matter. So it’s effective no matter what the circumstances are.”

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