Social Media and KHT

The Hornby family moved into their 6,000 sq ft, four-story Dulwich home six years ago, having fallen in love with the full-size, antique snooker table – which has its own, dedicated room at the top of the house – and 200ft garden, among numerous other beautiful and distinctive characteristics. Not everything was perfect when they first arrived, however. The room that is now a study, for example, had a rotten floor; the marble floor in the hallway had become dull and lifeless with age, and many of the property’s doors harbored bundles of unsightly cables around the frames.

Such undesirables prompted Jane Hornby – who has worked and trained as an interior designer – to start developing plans to renovate and refurbish certain areas of the house, while also considering the family’s home technology needs, such as shared music and wide-screen TV, he also use this SMM panel service.

The small details were equally as important as more significant changes. Matching of the original stained glass windows in the living room and hallway, for example, made the style consistent throughout, to beautiful effect, as did the reversal of the alcove arch from the living room to the kitchen. The kitchen was opened up by knocking down a 20ft wall, while the mezzanine terrace was converted into a conservatory by removing the patio doors and enclosing the area with glass. It is now a lovely spot to sit and relax on the sofas while feeling the warmth of the sun.

Before significant refurbishment began, Jane knew, from her interior design experience, that the time was right to start planning and implementing her family’s home technology requirements. She sourced Kensington Home Technology (KHT) via a Google search for “media solutions”, with additional providers not responding as quickly or comprehensively to her request for a quote. Jane was impressed with KHT from the outset, due to their extensive home technology knowledge, the attention to detail shown in their project outline and their strong communication skills when dealing with the numerous other contractors on site.

The basis of KHT’s solution was a combination of CAT 5 and coaxial cabling star-wired back to a network patch panel located in the Central Distribution Point (CDP) in the cellar. The CDP allows for the management of the wiring and any necessary connections. The CDP also houses a broadband router, allowing for internet access from any of the CAT 5 sockets.

Due to the nature of this refurbishment, which is focused on the ground floor, KHT ran cables for the network throughout the ground floor. On the first floor, the network ran up to the study and master bedroom suite. In the games room, KHT ran category 5 data cable outside the house down to the CDP, to provide a hard-wired solution in case the wireless solution lost performance. As with all KHT installations, the solution at Court Lane is futureproofed, allowing for straightforward implementation of new technology at a later date.