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The Hornby family moved into their 6,000 sq ft, four-story Dulwich home six years ago, having fallen in love with the full-size, antique snooker table – which has its own, dedicated room at the top of the house – and 200ft garden, among numerous other beautiful and distinctive characteristics. Not everything was perfect when they first arrived, however. The room that is now a study, for example, had a rotten floor; the marble floor in the hallway had become dull and lifeless with age, and many of the property’s doors harbored bundles of unsightly cables around the frames.

Such undesirables prompted Jane Hornby – who has worked and trained as an interior designer – to start developing plans to renovate and refurbish certain areas of the house, while also considering …

Decision Psychology

A blog about the psychology of decision making, with a particular focus on visualizations and uncertainty.

 what do bestsellers tell us about society?

One of my favorite questions when using literature as a lens is: what can be said about a society that values this text? So with the arrival of Sunday’s New York Times bestsellers list, I am curious what can be said about a society that made these books bestsellers. Let’s take a look at the top 10.


  1. A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS by Khaled Hosseini. (Riverhead, $25.95.) A friendship between two women in Afghanistan against the backdrop of 30 years of war.


        2   THE WHEEL OF DARKNESS, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. (Warner, $25.99.) A Tibetan abbot asks the F.B.I. agent Aloysius Pendergast to help recover a …

The Best Way To Get Taller

One of the problems many young people have is their height. However, there are ways in where you can help your the bones in your body grow and thus help you get taller. This article will talk about ways in which you can get taller and how you should be confident at all times when talking in public. Moreover, the problems with your height can sometimes be related to other things and situations.

 Many people who want to get taller or want to find out how to get taller always spend time reading books and other information. However, they fail to take action. Generally a good height for a male is between 5 foot 9 and 5 foot 10. However, there are some males and female are are 5 foot …

Story on Self Defense

 The Israeli military has been using it for years. Now, the FBI and law enforcement are learning it. It’s a rough and tumble self-defense class that really works on the streets. In the Fox Files, how Self Defense is keeping Americans safe.

 Learning to kick, how to punch, even how to take away a gun from an attacker. It’s called Self Defense. It means ‘contact combat’. “We fight until we are safe. That’s the scenario.” And that scenario is attracting a lot of attention, from Hollywood stars like J Lo to everyday women like Kim Metivier. They’re hooked on what’s billed as a real-life self-defense technique; one that’s quick to learn and effective. “I feel so much more confident.” Kim Metivia is a fitness instructor. Already in great shape, she …

Woodworking Project Plans

Where To Find SpongeBob Printables

Printables are materials one can benefit from without worrying about copyright; in the majority of cases they are available for free download and make an excellent resource for learning and educational funny activities. SpongeBob printables, for instance, are a clear example of the way coloring sheets and wallpapers can reflect the magic world of cartoons, attracting kids into a universe they can explore, conquer and redefine according to their terms. Moreover, such materials save time that you’d spend shopping and not least of all money. It is generally known that ready printed coloring books are a lot more expensive than online printables.

If your child likes cartoon animations, then, SpongeBob printables will surely be to his/her liking and become a great pastime. Moreover, you can …

Week 14

I got to take care of a coworker’s son last Saturday. He is 10 months (soooo sweet at this age!!!). It gave me a bit of confidence in my ability to care for a baby. Although this was no normal 10 month old. He didn’t cry or whine for even a minute the whole time. It bordered on bizarre how well behaved he was. When his parents came to pick him up, I said, “You people are totally spoiled; this isn’t a baby, he is a little doll that tee-tees.”

 With my genes in you, there is no way we will be so lucky – you will behave like spawn of Satan, I’m sure. After what I put my Mom through during my teenage years, fate calls for a balance. …

Menopause Symptoms Start in Brain?

Study Finds Menopause Can Be Predicted

Health Journal

 Study Finds Menopause Symptoms Can Be Predicted The number of eggs left in a woman’s ovaries are like the grains of sand in an hourglass, ticking away the hours on her biological clock. Researchers now say they may be able to predict when that clock will wind down. And while doctors can’t actually count the number of eggs in an ovary, they can measure ovarian volume. British researchers say there’s a direct correlation between the two, and by measuring ovarian volume with transvaginal ultrasound, doctors should be able to predict when menopause will set in and how many fertile years a woman has left. According to the study authors, this information will revolutionize the care of women looking for assisted reproductive technologies, …

Week 24

I think it’s high time I started dispensing opinionated advice since as a pregnant woman, I receive so much of it. Let’s start with pregnancy books. PLEASE DO NOT purchase the book called “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. For the life of me I can’t understand the popularity of this rag. I heard it was just the pregnancy bible, so the very day I tested positive I ran to Barnes & Noble to buy it. Of all the books on the shelf, it was the least impressive. I actually thought I had gotten the title wrong. There are few pictures, it’s in black and white, typesetting is awful, poorly organized, and it’s written at a patronizing teenage level on cheap pulpy fiction paper. They should change the title to …

Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms


It has been a couple of weeks already ever since you completed the deed, and now you’re properly dying to know whether or not you get pregnant. It seems that every woman needs to have one home pregnancy test, or even a blood checkup at the office to ensure everything. However, my best recommendation for you all is how you have to recognize the necessity of getting to know the early signs or symptoms of pregnancy, and see if you could have any of them during this moment or not.

First symptom: it’s going to be the shortage of breath. Therefore, my advice for all women here is to notice if you get winded reaching up the stairs all at once or not. It’s properly because …

Intelligence Testing in the United States Military

The Role of Psychologists in The Wars:

 World War I:

 1917: E. B. Titchner and R. M. Yerkes (then President of APA) were meeting with a group of psychologists known as the “Experimentalists,” and formulated a plan for the APA membership to offer their professional services to the war effort. The consensus was that psychologists could provide support in developing methds for selection of recruits and treatment of war victims.

 1919: Yerkes was commissioned as a Major in the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps. In a plan proposed to the Surgeon General Yerkes wrote: “The Council of the American Psychological Association is convinced that in the present emergency American psychology can substantially serve the Government, under the medical corps of the Army and Navy, by examining recruits with respect to …