The Curly Girl’s Guide To Great Hair

Curly hair was the bain of my existence for a long time. Constantly knotting, always dry and frizzy, would never hold a style. Not to mention the spilled ends, oh the split ends (insert first world problem meme here). It wasn’t until….wait for it…last year that I finally figured out to control my unruly mane and stay sane. Here are my tips on keeping curly/wavy locks in tip-top condition!

Number 1: Know Your Hair Type

I assumed because I had curly hair that my hair was thick, but as you can see from this shot, my hair is actually quite elegant and sleek when it’s straightened. Putting the right products into your hair can really make a difference. When I used conditioners for thick hair, I ended up with hefty hair that knotted constantly. It turned out that my conditioner was becoming a sort of like chewing gum in my hair, and that’s what was causing the knots. I’ve been using Pantene Ice Shine Shampoo and Conditioner for over a year now, and I don’t know how I ever lived without it! It’s a little bit more expensive than picking up the store brand shampoos, but for me, it’s worth it. I usually stock up when Boots are running a 3 for two and get two conditioners and one shampoo as I always use lots of conditioner in the shower.

Number 2: Invest In A Tangle Brush

I picked up the tangle taming brush I have a couple of years ago in Penneys, but they don’t seem to stock them anymore, which is a shame. A tangle brush has different sized bristles running through it so it can get in between all those knotted hairs and free them. I find mine an absolute lifesaver, also I use this hairbrush. You can pick them up in Boots for around 15euro or go online to and pick up one of their professional brushes.

Number 3: Let Your Hair Recover

I’ve been pretty nasty to my hair over the years what with peroxide, strengthening it, and having it super backcombed for shoots like above. Currently, I’m back to my natural hair color because after bleaching my hair in January it was unbelievably dry, no matter what I did I could not get the moisture into it, and it looked how it felt. My advice is don’t overdye; it’s a hair killer, don’t over style and if you do use heat protection sprays. If your someone who likes me finds themselves in the hairstylist chair quite often getting big hair to treat your nose afterward. I personally have a bottle of Aussie Super Moisture shampoo and a conditioning hair mask on stand by for such occasions.

Number 4: Invest In Yourself

There are so many products lining the aisles for the supermarkets that it’s something hard to know what’s worth buying and what’s just going to be another unused bottle of the product on your shelf. The best way to go about buying what you need is to take a look at your hair is it beautiful, healthy or thick? Then what do you do to your hair, is it colored, do you style it a lot? If it is colored, do you want something to protect your color? It’s all about you and your unique hair. In my bathroom press, I like to keep some dry shampoo, some salt spray for when I want to embrace my kinks, some Pantene moisturizing mousse for colored/damaged hair to give my hair some juice, hair spray and a small bottle of serum for when I want neat upstyles. It’s easy to fill your shelves with a million bottles of every kind of lotion and potion, but keeping it simple is always best for you and your head.