Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms


It has been a couple of weeks already ever since you completed the deed, and now you’re properly dying to know whether or not you get pregnant. It seems that every woman needs to have one home pregnancy test, or even a blood checkup at the office to ensure everything. However, my best recommendation for you all is how you have to recognize the necessity of getting to know the early signs or symptoms of pregnancy, and see if you could have any of them during this moment or not.

First symptom: it’s going to be the shortage of breath. Therefore, my advice for all women here is to notice if you get winded reaching up the stairs all at once or not. It’s properly because that you get pregnant when having that kind of feeling. During this time, it’s not strange to know how the growing fetus is really in need of the oxygen, which could lead you to a bit of shortage. The bad news here is that you might endure this symptom during pregnancy, particularly when the baby begins to place more pressure on both lungs and diaphragm.

 Second symptom: there’s nothing to miss this sign, since it will relate much how it could make you feel like being tortured in a mild way. Know what? It’s not like when you’re picturing it, since the women will get a kind of heavy feeling about the breasts, and then experience the areolas darkening. Not to mention how you can have more veins on the chest, which can be seen as the initial sign reminding you of your current pregnancy. The only good thing that you could do to make yourself more comfy is to find a supportive bra to ease the discomfort.

 Third symptom: this would tell you how you could feel greatly fatigued during the sleep. This could be easily realized as you suddenly get exhausted, which is properly one response to the raising hormones running through your own body. For several pregnant women, it’s not surprising to see the clear tiredness that might come through in the initial trimester.

 Fourth symptom: every pregnant woman will begin to experience the so-called queasiness, especially when they’re about 6 weeks along, but a few of them could have some unexpected morning sicknesses anyway. Don’t worry since it will possibly subside at the time of the second trimester arrival.

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